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June 22, 2017

onepiece bathing suits, onepiece swimsuits, swimwear, one piece

It’s time to retire the itsy-bitsy polka dot bikini. One piece bathing suits are back with a vengeance, looking sexier than even the tiniest of swimwear. Turns out less ismore – or at least this summer season it is. So, channel your inner Baywatch character because you’ll want to get your hands on these 5 onepiece swimsuits that look fabulous on anyone.


Cutout onepieces for a flawless silhouette

onepiece bathing suits, onepiece swimsuits, swimwear, one piece

Inarguably, some of the best onepiece bathing suits have cutout sides. These styles are ideal for every shape and size, as the fabric lines your body perfectly to give you a flawless silhouette. So, keep things sexy and classy with cutout swimwear and you’ll be tearing up the shores this season.

Cutout bathing suits are also the perfect way to ensure your onepiece looks chic modern and not like something you’ve borrowed from mom.

Off-the-shoulder swimwear for boho chic style

onepiece bathing suits, onepiece swimsuits, swimwear, one piece

At the top of the swimwear trends for the summer of 2017, you’ll find off-the-shoulder swimwear. While the style may not appear to be practical for the pool, you’d be surprised. That’s also not to mention that you’ll look as chic in the water as you do out of it. So, throw on a beach hat and your bohemian style will be on point this summer.

Full bottom one piece bathing suits for a great booty

onepiece bathing suits, onepiece swimsuits, swimwear, one piece

Everywhere you look this summer, it seems like Brazilian high-hip onepieces are a must. But let’s get serious, ladies – they can’t be thatcomfortable riding thathigh. Plus, you’d have to get a full Brazilian in order to wear it. All of this has us ruling these trendy swimsuits as too painful to wear and far from practical. So, we’re going to the opposite side of the spectrum.

Full booty onepiece bathing suits are a great way to add some plump to your rear without risking anything riding up or wedging in. To keep the look sexy, swimwear styles that have a low cut in the back and straps for some sass.

High neck swimwear to leave more to the imagination

onepiece bathing suits, onepiece swimsuits, swimwear, one piece

Remember when we said less is more? Well this onepiece swimwear trend nails it! High necklines are thriving within the swimwear industry and for all the right reasons. We’re so used to wearing bikinis that bare all, it’s nice to be able to change things up this year.

High neck onepieces are great for all bust sizes. They keep things in place so you never have to worry falling out. The best part is that these swimwear styles are the perfect example of leaving something to the imagination to give off utmost sexiness on the shore.

Crochet one pieces for your inner gypsy soul

onepiece bathing suits, onepiece swimsuits, swimwear, one piece

Another fabulous one piece bathing suit perfect for any type of body shape is the crochet swimwear styles. These swimsuits have the perfect dose of bohemian style with a bit of spiritual style for your inner gypsy soul. Plus, you’ll have one hell of an awesome tan line on your stomach to show off once the season ends. Gone are the days of temporary tats. It’s all about temporary tan lines.


Don’t be fooled by the misconstrued media. Shape and size doesn’t determine sexiness.  Flaunt what yo’ momma gave you, ladies. Shop Daisy Dress for Less today and frolic on those sandy shores with sass, sexiness and confidence this year.  It’s all about the one piece!