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June 19, 2017

 transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

As the new season rolls in, your excitement rises, as a new collection of style calls for a shopping spree! There’s nothing like updating your closet with a bunch of new clothing that’ll complete your summer days and nights. But there’s one problem – you still like your clothes from spring and don't want to retire them just yet. Not only that but you don't have the funds to fork over a fortune on new fashion.

Well, have no fear ladies. You can still rock your spring season clothes well into your summer wardrobe and you don't have to worry about looking outdated or breaking the bank! All you need are these 6 steps and a couple of new, summer fashions and you're well on your way to transforming your closet from spring to summer. 


Trade in the jumpsuits for rompers

transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

Jumpsuits are definitely trendy but on those hot summer nights, they can trap all kinds of heat (and sweat) in places where the sun doesn’t shine. Avoid this fashion faux pas by trading in some of your jumpsuits for affordable rompers. These are the easiest and chicest piece of fashion for summer. You just can’t go wrong with instant style.


Swap out the maxi dresses for flirty summer styles

transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a maxi dress during the summer. Although, they can be more of a hassle on the hot summer days than they are cute and chic during the summer season. So, don’t retire your maxi dresses altogether but definitely add in some flirty summer dresses for the sweltering hot summer days.


Replace your flats with some flip and flop

transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

Depending on where you live, your toes may be covered up for 8 months of the year. So, let summer be the season to tan those bad boys. Replace your flats with some sandals that flip and flop. There’s nothing better than comfy footwear that is chic and stylish! Oh, and not to mention, affordable.


Forget the big handbag for a crossover style

transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

The summer season is bound to take you on all kinds of new adventures and slugging around a massive handbag simply isn’t practical. Plus, you don’t need one because you don’t have to store an umbrella on you or some outerwear for when the temperature drops. All you need is you and a bag large enough for money, lip gloss, and a smartphone. Just be sure to get a crossover bag - or better yet, a trendy backpack- so your belongings can come with you wherever your summer adventures transpire.


Switch the pastels for floral prints

transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

Pastels are cute and a popular choice for many fashion designers during the spring and summer season. But let’s get serious, you’re tired of the pastels. You’ve been wearing them for several weeks now and it’s time for something new to spruce up your wardrobe. So, add in some floral prints. There’s nothing that shouts “Summer!” the way floral prints do. Plus, they add a fashionably dose of statement style that will instantly rejuvenate your entire look.

Substitute long sleeves for off-the-shoulders

transform your wardrobe, spring to summer, fashion trends,

Summer is not the season for long sleeves… Unless you’re living in Alaska. So, fold up your long sleeves this season and substitute them for one of the biggest summer fashion trends of the year – off the shoulder tops!  

The off-the-shoulder look is flirty and girly, yet sexy and sweet with a little bit of 80’s inspiration thrown into the mix. Wearing off-the-shoulder shirts is also a great way to get rid of those tan lines from your bikini top.  


Don’t fork over a fortune just to update your wardrobe for one season. Instead, focus on adding in some simple changes with summer staples and wear your spring style right through ‘until the end of summer.

Shop all of your new additions at Daisy Dress for Less and let the summer begin!