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June 15, 2018

Another holiday party season is approaching. We all should be on look for that Perfect Color swatches and dress to "Spark them dead" and turn their heads. You can as well go for  club clothes  to draw attention at a local night club. Printed color swatches will provide the exact match of your target color. Irrespective of the season and for whatever reason, here are some few ideas to assist you in your selection.

If your body is:-

Slender and Lean

Introduce and add some curves! You can go for the “sexy" type of dressing. Try out  sexy dresses  with a  corset and bustier  with a little blend of lace. Also, if you want to feel really relaxed and comfortable, go for dresses with visible deeper necklines. You can trial out different sheens and fabric textures. Do a glossy fabric which will stand out to help glam your look. Well designed hip Pockets will also help draw attention to your curves and gives your bottom add on shape.  Peplum dresses  will also be effective as  the hip pockets. Ensure you belt your dress. Belting will help cinch or carve out your waist and expose those feminine look curves you ever dreamt to have!

If you are Tall and with Long waist

Go for a sleek silhouette. Avoid too much fabric to avoid be looking bulky and sloppy. Let there be breaking up colors on your waist. Pick something pronounced that will sparkle out from your waist. Avoid or shy away from using minis and accentuate your leg.

Too much emphasis on your leg can make it look like you are wearing something that is shrunk. This added stuff will make you look bigger than you really are. A dress with curve prints is a good match, try it out! Curve prints and  curve dresses  will add extra curves to your body. You can also go for wide details like square necklines and elegant crosswise stripes.

Petite and short

You are welcome to minis! Take advantage of  short mini skirts  and sheer hose. This will help to draw out your legs. Have a tryout of a tad of puffery showing the down waist. This includes,  pleated mini skirt,  flounced, ruffled, and bubble hems. Always keep your heels at a reasonable level. A platform heel that is full of chunks can look like stilts for women with delicate and petite frame. It is also advisable to expose a bit of your skin on your shoulders and neck.

Full-Figured Shape

Expose a little portion of your skin on the neck and chest parts. This will divert people’s attention and focus to your gorgeous face! Wear deeper and darker jewel tones to cover part of  your body and take inches off it. Wear simple silhouettes. Avoid using Ruffles and other detailing items that can add unwanted bulk (and inches) to your figure. If you like to layer, stick to a lighter fabric like a jersey knit in a shrug or shawl. Coats and jackets can add bulk and can make you really uncomfortable after some glasses of red wine!

Pear Shaped

Accustom yourself with a gorgeous  maxi dress.  The uncertainty of the cut will wrap nicely on your hips. Go for necklines that grab people’s attention like a ruffled or gathered top. Wrap dresses or Pleated surplice tops will also do the trick. Fix Hems above the knee to give true illusion of length to your figure.


Go far from backless or strapless dresses! Try a more supporting thing like a  tank dress  with big straps. The big straps will help to make way for the appropriate bra choice. Select a dress that is tailored and of clean silhouette.  One with Strong vertical lines will help make your figure elongated. You can achieve Strong lines through top stitching, pleating, long necklaces, seams, and scarves. Stick to any dress in one shade. The one shaded dress will help you to appear slimmer and longer. is a provider of high-quality, affordable beauty products and apparel to intelligent and fashion savy women.