Sexy Slit Chiffon Maxi Dress For Women

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Army Green

Prepare for summer season with this high slit dress with stretchable waistband, slim belt, convertable sleeve with side button, pleated asymmetric maxi skirt. Made of polyester and chiffon fabric. Very lightweight and offer a flowy movement.

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Package Include:1 Dress+ 1 Belt

NOTE: Our size options are in Asian sizes.
*Asian sizes normally run smaller than US sizes.
We suggest getting one size bigger than you normally wear.
Example: Your body measurement belongs to US XS (Asian/Size Tag S). We advise to get US S (Asian/Size Tag M).

Please refer to the specific measurement below:
US 3XS (Asian/Size Tag XXS)= Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 102cm, Waist: 74cm, Sleeve Length: 59cm, Length: 133cm
US XXS (Asian/Size Tag XS)= Shoulder: 38cm, Bust: 105cm, Waist: 77cm, Sleeve Length: 59cm, Length: 135cm
US XS (Asian/Size Tag S)= Shoulder: 39cm, Bust: 107cm, Waist: 79cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm, Length: 136cm
US S (Asian/Size Tag M)= Shoulder: 40cm, Bust: 112cm, Waist: 84cm, Sleeve Length: 60cm, Length: 138cm
US M (Asian/Size Tag L)= Shoulder: 41cm, Bust: 117cm, Waist: 89cm, Sleeve Length: 61cm, Length: 139cm
US L (Asian/Size Tag XL)= Shoulder: 43cm, Bust: 122cm, Waist: 94cm, Sleeve Length: 61cm, Length: 141cm
US XL (Asian/Size Tag XXL)= Shoulder: 44cm, Bust: 127cm, Waist: 99cm, Sleeve Length: 62cm, Length: 142cm
US XXL (Asian/Size Tag 3XL)= Shoulder: 45cm, Bust: 132cm, Waist: 104cm, Sleeve Length: 63cm, Length: 144cm
US 3XL (Asian/Size Tag 4XL)= Shoulder: 47cm, Bust: 141cm, Waist: 115cm, Sleeve Length: 63cm, Length: 144cm
US 4XL (Asian/Size Tag 5XL)= Shoulder: 49cm, Bust: 146cm, Waist: 122cm, Sleeve Length: 63cm, Length: 144cm



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NOTE: Our size options are in Asian sizes.
*Asian sizes normally run smaller than US sizes.
We suggest getting one size bigger than you normally wear.

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